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Product - EVDO Modem - EVDO USB Modem KHD-KE769


★ CDMA 2000 1X RTT and CDMA 2000 1X EVDO (Rev.0) networks 800Mhz
★ Qualcomm 6500
★ DL:2.4Mbps/UL:153.6 Kbps
★ Plup & Play
★ SMS Service,Voice Service 
★ Windows 2000/xp/Vista/7,Mac OS
 [Product Feature]
The EVDO USB Modem KE 769 is designed to offer internet access via EVDO network at maximum download speed of 2.4Mbps and upload speed of 153.6 Kbps. And it can work on CDMA 2000 1 x RTT and CDMA 2000 1 x EVDO Rev.0 800 Mhz networks in the word. With its pre-installed software and drivers, you can directly plug it to the USB port of any Windows laptop or desktop PC without installation from a CD.

◆ Adopt standard USB connect, Connect to directly take to put through USB, take and use conveniently.
◆ The data spreads velocity: Under the EVDO CDMA network environment, the max downlink up to 2.4 Mbps.
◆ The card separates from machine, carry out the whole country to automatically travel extensively, don't need to change an account number, retail and use of product conveniently.
◆ The intelligence power management, the automatic orientation power adjusts, ensure the radicle station cuts over and doesn't drop line in the high-speed ambulation, still can keep Internet speed goodly in train or car of high speed ambulation.
◆ Connection rate: Inside the scope of move network overlay the connection rate can attain 99%.
◆ The link speed is quickly, From stir number to connect time is smaller than 5 minutes.

Key Feature:

Support CDMA 2000 1 x RTT and CDMA 2000 1 x EVDO (Rev.0) networks 800Mhz
Downlink up to 2.4Mbps on CDMA2000 capable networks Uplink up to 153.6Kbps
CDMA 1X data up to 153.6Kbps
Call function (Voice) - Plug & Play - SMS service - R_UIM support  

Environments Specifications:
Operating Temperature: 0 to 55'C
Storage Temperature : -30'C to 70'C
Humidity: 95% (non-condensing)

Operating Systems:
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista , Windows

Dimension: 8 1 (L) x 2 6 (W) x 1 1 (H) mm
Color: Black & White